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If you wish to contact/follow/add/befriend/etc me, check out the links below.

DC Profile:

Here at Run Around Kazu, I (Kazu), post, and/or take quite a bit of pictures from public events and such. Therefor, attending an event I also attend or hijacked online,  may land you in one of my pictures. It may even end up being one of yours. If so, I apologize, e-mail me and I’ll remove it. I always try to credit pictures and/or article info with links, and usually, people don’t mind me driving traffic to their sites.

If for whatever reason you are uncomfortable with one or more of my pictures and would like me to instantly remove them, or if you’d like to use mine, shoot me an e-mail at the link above, and I would be happy to help.

Also, if you have any questions, or wanna chat, or really just whatever, you can contact me at the above links or like I said, shoot me an e-mail.



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